How to Prepare for a Maid’s Arrival…

Ok.. major thing required.. decide what it is you want to have done.  I recommend viewing and Editing if you desire, the Cleaning Checklist from the Forms menu.. yet ultimately, you need only ask me to come in.

However, if you want to reduce the amount of things that you want or need me to do. then remember that Maids are, in effect, typically referred to as Personal Executive assistants, so, leave the details to us.  You give the Command, “the Living Room Needs to be readied for the part Tonight.”  and leave the rest of it to us. The maid/Executive assistant will wipe down the table, find and layout the table cloth, place settings etc etc.. however, if you want to reduce how long that takes, then have the tablecloth laid out on the table, the dishes stacked to one side, and so forth. Just leave the doing of the details to us..leave the cleaning of the dirt in the cracks and corners to the Maid and wipe down the main of the floor on your own. The less I, or another Maid, needs to do or deal with, speeds them/Us up.

Yet ultimately, the best way to prepare for a Maid’s arrival is to simply decide what you  want them to do and what you want to do.. or not do.  If you are hesitant because you don’t want to show your “mess” to another.. then be reassured that as a Maid, we are reliable, honest, trustworthy people who are capable, earnest and discrete. We will not speak of your place or what we do there without your explicit permission. we will not make you feel less for asking for a hand in getting caught up or getting more tasks on your To Do list completed.

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