Rubbish! That’s what it is, Rubbish! And who do you call…?

Well, not the Ghostbusters.  nor Got-Junk, nor Trashbusters.

I called on 505-Junk and they removed the Rubbish I needed clearing out of a property I was clearing and cleaning up due to the previous owner selling it. I also got to sort, pack & move most of what they wanted to keep. So when the keeping was done, there was quite a bit left and there was no way I would ever be able to haul it all away. Never mind in time. So, I did a quick internet search, placed a few calls, and found these guys, 505-Junk.

Oh my, oh my did these guys and their crews step up and do an awesome, inspiring job! I would never hesitate to call on these people again. I give these people 5 of five stars and it takes an awful lot to get that high a rating from me!

I even needed to call them back to help clear the rubbish from inside the house as well as from the out buildings and then again to deal with still more, newly found rubbish from another portion of the house we'd never thought to go into!  And so, when I called back they made me top priority.

And the Dumping fees and call out charges were significantly less than the competition, not too mention that if they don't sort through the stuff for resale without asking you first if you are ok with salvaging - to sell at consignment or donate - unlike some of the competition.

So, hey, for Honest, Hard Working people at reasonable rates, Call Scott & Barry at 505-JUNK.  And after they are done clearing the rubbish, call me and I'll do the fine details and cleaning. Or call me, give the task and I'll provide receipts and invoicing because I'll be calling them!

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