New : Moving Concierge Services

Well, having completed a Large scale Move, an Incredible experience to be sure!

We realized that most of our customers need some form of a move out service, and not just for cleaning. So we'd like to introduce the following service(s):


Moving Concierge Services: Research needs and acquire Quotes from various sources, arrange for Moving boxes, research and arrange/book Movers, Research and arrange for additional off site storage if required, assist with packing if required, co-ordinate movers on move day, call rubbish removal people (505-Junk), Move out detailing on Old Place.  Prices vary so please request a Total Quote.


This works for Small to Large scale local moves from start to finish.  I can now assist in planning, budgeting and executing a local move of nearly any size. Indeed, I look forward to it!

Call for Quotes and timelines as soon as possible as much needs to be known and decided upon in order to execute things as best as possible so Call Today and I will do my best to make your move as stress free as I can.


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