That Dastardly Black Cat with the White stripe…

So, it's Autumn now and our four footed furry family members tend to get very curous about all the various other around... and one of these is the Skunk.  When confronted by something annoying or larger, the skunk gets sacred and lets lose with the "essence".

This tends to look like thick yellow snot.. and smells like rotten eggs.. on a good day.

If you can, catch your pet and wash them outside using pure water to rinse them off them it's the tomato bath time.  If you can't or your pet gets to shake and rid themselves of some of the Skunk "essence" in side your home, well.. it can get every where. and yes, i mean Everywhere! as so tomato bathing your ceiling or mattress might not be possible.


Fear not! there is hope.  If you have it handy, Isopropyl Alcohol mixed 2 to 1 with lemon juice and 4 or 5 drops of Tea tree Essential Oil in a standard 1 cup spray bottle works.


Or, if you don't want to try your hand at potions..

The Nature's Miracle Skunk Odour Remover is well, A Miracle!  This will lessen the smell by about 2/3's on the first go around, usually about half of the bottle, and completely remove on a second application.


The do-it-yourself method is perfectly alright, particularly if you are good at making things. then you can scale the strength of it. If not, use the premade Nature's Miracle.  Available online at Amazon for about $6 or in local Petsmart or Pet shops for about $12.

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