Safe and sound way to rid yourself of bed bugs, STEAM!

Safe and sound way to rid yourself of bed bugs, STEAM!

Are you tired of searching for bed bugs each night before bed? Tired of being sleep deprived? Tired of trying all sorts of new products, and spending loads of money on new methods that don’t seem to work?

Steam bed bugs

Bed Bug removal

The only safe way to rid you and your family of bed bugs is STEAM! Reaching temperatures upwards of 200° degrees, the steam from our machines reaches in deep inside your mattress/box spring and other areas of your bed to destroy the bed bugs AND their eggs. Bed bugs are asexual and can lay up to 6 to 8 eggs per day, stop them before they hatch and make a mess of your linens.

A periodic steaming of at least once per week for a month or staggered for two weeks with our Steamer which is safe for your entire family and pets!

If you find one bed bug in your bed, you can be guaranteed that there are others laying and waiting to feed off you for the next stage of their lives. Stop them today, Full Steam ahead!

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