Give the gift of Time

Give the gift of Time!

With the upcoming festive season upon us, and with the increase in dust and other particulates in the air. It's best to have your place in a cleaner state for all those friends and family coming over to attend your festive functions.

Or that person who needs an extra set of hands to clean after, or before, a Family event. We can help!

We can schedule multiple cleans if your place doesn't need as big of a clean the full amount of the certificate. This helps Seniors, Shut-ins or those who aren't feeling up to cleaning because of their joints are hurting due to the shift in the weather or past injuries now bothering the recipient of these gift certificates.

For the 2016 Winter season we're offering our Gift Certificates for cleaning, the gift certificates come in two denominations both $50 and $100 increments. Shown is a void copy of the $100 gift certificate from

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