Snowmageddon 2017

After this latest ice age, almost, Snowmageddon will command a spring clean up!  All that left over ice and destruction we've had because of the large snow fall this year. We wanted to perhaps give a chuckle or two to our clients with Our tongue in cheek description. If you need to get your Walkways or Driveway Cleared, VMS Outdoors is Available for this at $30/Hr and will include up to 1kg of Sodium/Ice melt Mix. Additional Sodium/Ice Melt Mix can be purchased for $5/KG.

Great news however, Spring is right around the corner. And we're starting to take Contract Requests for our VMS Outdoor Property Maintenance services, so Contact us now to schedule up someone to deal with the Lawn, Branches, Hedges and Debris Removal Now!

Our VIP members get 10% Off most services. Inquire about your needs and book your appointment today!


Snowmageddon  2017

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