Spring Planting, Lower Mainland, BC, Canada

Well. It's that time of year.. and a little beyond actually. Most Gardening work for opening new ground and planting typically needs to happen before May 1, however, seeing as that is also the deadline for taxes, it gets pushed off and is a major reason most gardens fail.

Knowing this, we can compensate!  By adding slow release fertilizers, consistent irrigation and planting vegetables/fruits or flowers in sequence.

The best planting times for the following items is how we aim to get the most out of the growing season.

 Herbs such as:
  •    Parsley -  Germinate Indoors Jun-until last wk of Jul, Grow/Harvest until Sept, then Transplant to Indoors
  •    Mint - plant lat week of Apr - Grow/harvest May
  •    Garlic - best to plant over winter harvest spring/summer, this is why hey are typically seen grown in clay pots near the stove.
Vegetables such as:
  •      Green onion      - Plant: Apr/May Harvest: July
  •      Tomatoes -  Plant from seed : Feb - Apr , harvest until Sept    
  •      Lemons  -  plant by mid Feb, Harvest Mid Aug - end of Sept., Container grown, again, best indoors.
  •      Red onion   - Plant: Apr/May Harvest: July
  •      Yellow potato - Any. harvest in 100 - 120 day from planting
  •      Corn - Plant: Jun, harvest Aug/Sept
  •      Squash  - plant May, harvest jun
  •       Zucchini -  plant May, harvest jun (subspecies of squash)
  •       Mini cucumbers - Plant: mid May, harvest: Jun          
With the Winter of 2016 lasting into late April these growing seasons are off by about 30 - 45 days so all of this can be planted and or germinated indoors before planting out doors, unless you want to green house all of it. Indeed, taking seeds from all of the above to store overwinter and Germinate in late Winter/Early Spring is possibly the best method for an a bountiful harvest. Thus reducing the amount of dependency on Grocery stores, avoiding any issues with GMO concerns. All of this can take upwards of 20 hours to open and prepare the soil, maintenance,such as weeding & watering, can be 4 hours weekly - this can be a large chunk of your weekend!  Yet Garden Fresh Veggies just taste the best!
Happy Gardening!

Seed Potatoes

Green Onion Bulbs for Planting

Photos of the start of our 2017 garden, more to be posted.

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