Proper product tools appreciation

So, recently, one of our auxiliary Maids reflected that She really liked one of her clients’ tool & product selection, in particular, they gave her the proper tools, and the correct products to complete the requested task to expected superior results. Having the correct tools, makes the job go easier, with the added benefit of a superior clean or results.

Such as bed sheets that tightly fit to result in a nicely made bed because proper foundations result in superior results. Nothing is better than slipping into a freshly laundered, and tightly fitted sheets. Having the correct sized sheets also prevents cocooning, which is being wrapped up in your sheets.  

Tightly fitted sheets also gives the appearance of hotel quality bed preparation for yourself or your guest(s) of Family, Friends or AirBnB.   All to ensure that any Guest who may arrive will be able to feel as comfortable in your Home as you do, which just makes you look and feel good.

It’s a matter of just one less thing to disturb your rest, or prevent a recuperative sleep for that night. One thing we all need, is a good night’s sleep!  With everything that the day brings, it’s almost a welcomed sight, a well made bed.

Having the correct mops for floors and for walls, as there is a difference between the two style mops. Having the correct liquid soaps, or floor waxes, which results in the best possible cleaning of walls and floors for the longest endurance, especially in heavily trafficked areas. Also this keeps dust to a minimum, which helps everyone in the house breathe easier.

Floor Dust Mop | String Mop | Sponge Mop

Floor dust mopString MopSponge Mop
[Stock photo example for Sponge mop ]

Life is easier, with the correct tools!

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