Dust Control

Dust accumulation in the home can be a very dangerous health concern to have. Dust can not only cause allergic reactions in some, also restrict breathing in others. Not a good condition, for any age, in your family. Keeping up with regular dusting, will help keep those dust piles from attacking your family.

For most dust is a minor inconvenience, for others it’s a matter of life or death, Dust is a serious concern for those suffering asthmatics. Even those having sneezing fits from touching dusty furniture or cleaning up. Most will be amazed at the accumulation that dust can take, in the corners and under furniture.

Keeping your home fairly dust free will help with most allergies at bay. A monthly deeper clean, will help keep your home in a  healthier state. This is what we do at Vancouver Maid Services. We encourage our clients to touch up between visits, as dust is an eternal occurrence.

Vacuuming the carpets and floors keeping dust and dirt to a minimum and trapping dust in the vacuums' HEPA filter will most certainly allow your family to breathe easier. Another point is keeping clutter down, since nobody will want to clean or dust moving boxes, for example. Old sheets can help keep dust off boxes, similar to covering older furniture for storage purposes.

Changing your air filter in your home every 2 to 3 months will also remove a lot of dust, toxins, out of the air you breathe. Keep a calendar entry on when the air filter was last changed. It is extra cost to keep your air filter clear at first, over time with our cleans and changing the air filters will get longer spaces in between change outs. As the overall amount of dust is reduced over time.

Dust Control

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