Established in 2011, We are a Maid for Hire service seeking to provide the highest levels of Customer Service and Quality Products at an Economical Price so you can Maintain your Home & Property. We're about quality cleaning, realizing that our clients are busy people, so they need a cleaning service that shows up on time, and communicates well with

Finding that cleaning is a passion and customer service orientation is a primary focus for us here at VancouverMaidService.ca. Vancouver Maid Services was started in order to provide an alternative to the cleaning services that was currently available at the time, while still maintaining a strong focus on customer service and natural products. We feel this reduces the health issues that may be associated with more common cleaning products.  We prefer Our clients to provide their own cleaning products and other supplies as this ensures they are happy with the Results of Our Work. Gentle, Eco-friendly cleaning products of a more natural aspect are Preferred, however We will work with whatever the client provides.

Cleaning houses and offices; windows, carpets, walls, furniture, dusting, shelves, floors, bathrooms. Laundry services include; pick up/drop off, folding and ironing. Yard & Exterior House Maintenance. Along with Property Maintenance.

If you desire for us to perform a service that requires additional tool(s) ( e.g. carpet cleaner ) that you do not have, please advise and we will make arrangements for an additional fee. We'll inform you immediately if there are going to be any additional fees. We also have other Booking policies in place to answer any questions our potential clients may have.


  • Class 5 Driver's License
  • First Aid lv 1 W/ AED & Infant/Child CPR
  • W.H.M.I.S.
  • Food Safe Lv 2
  • Serving It Right (serving beverages not mixing)