As the majority of my Service Contracts are Verbal, the following will be considered Legally binding for all Services Rendered, be it Short Term, One-Offs or Long term reoccurring and are Effective as of September 1, 2016.


While I make every effort to assure satisfaction has been given before departing a work address, sometimes an immediate inspection is not possible or something that looked good at the time does not look good  an hour later or still yet some small detail was overlooked. Mistakes occur, as such I offer on a 1 for 1 Basis for any Paid Cleaning or Laundry Service, should an Issue arise that leaves the rendered Service less than satisfactory a Redo will be made available alongside my sincerest apologies.



While no fee is required to Book, any time block that we Book Off to render a Service carries the expectation of payment... a form of currency that we can use to pay another. While we love doing charity acts, and will Trade on Skills in a time for time basis.

Short Notice Cancellations:  It is understandable that Life throws the Unexpected at the Lest Opportune, Least Desirable moment... However, for Cancellations of Booked appointments that occur within 24 hours of a Booked Booked Reoccurring Weekly Appointment a 50% Fee is Applied for Repeated Short Notice Cancellations.  Cancellations must be done by email 24 hours prior to the Booking to avoid this fee as this provides an official time & date stamped message. For One-offs and Short Term Appointments, these being non-reoccurring, this policy does not apply.  For Monthly Reoccurring Service Contracts, Notice for Cancellation that is less than the Full Cycle term, less than 30 days, Via Posted Mail or Email, a Cancellation fee Equal to the Full term, 30 days, will be applicable.

To clarify If payment for the appointments occurs once, no notice required as it is understood that I may not be coming back. If payment for the appointments occurs weekly, Notice Greater than 24 hours is required to avoid the 50% fee. If payment for the appointments occurs monthly, Notice Equal to or Greater than 30 consecutive days is required to avoid a Cancellation fee equal to the amount agreed upon as payable for the Month is Due.

All Cancellation Fees are Due in Full upon the Day Notice to Cancel is received.

Vancouver Maid Service understands that Sicknesses such as Cold's, Flu's and other Airborne sickness can strike with out warning and for that, any Notice will be deemed acceptable as  Request to Reschedule and not a permanent Cancellation of Service. As such No fees will be applicable for such short notice as service is interrupted not cancelled, however, consecutive repeated declarations of sickness will be deemed a Notice to Cancel.  It is further understood that these policies will be held as Agreed Upon by having Vancouver Maid Service or any Employee Render Service without it being explicitly stated as it will be assumed that due diligence will have caused the Client to have read these policies and terms held therein.

It is understood that Vancouver maid  Service, and any member acting on Its behalf, will accord the same courtesies to the Clients whenever possible. These Polices will be held as Applicable for any verbal or written contract unless stated otherwise in a written contract. we regret that a clarification of this order has been made necessary, however, We at Vancouver Maid Services acknowledge that it provides for a  clearer understanding for Honesty and courtesies Due to All Parties.


Cash is preferred, however, Cheques and PayPal Invoicing can be made available for those who wish to pay by that means. We are always happy to discuss arrangements prior to rendering Service.


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