While I make every effort to assure satisfaction has been given before departing a work address, sometimes an immediate inspection is not possible or something that looked good at the time does not look good an hour later or still yet some small detail was overlooked. Mistakes occur, as such I offer on a 1 for 1 Basis for any Paid Cleaning or Laundry Service, should an Issue arise that leaves the rendered Service less than satisfactory  a Redo will be made available alongside my sincerest apologies.

I ask that all Redo Requests are provided in Email or Written form, with in 24 hours of Service having been rendered, in order to ensure that your concerns are resolved to your satisfaction with in an appropriate time frame.

In regards to disputes, I do my best to provide an Honest, Upfront service. If, however, you feel that I've messed up somewhere and the Redo Policy doesn't cover it or doesn't cover the scope of it, you are free to put your Issues in writing and Email it to me. I will respond ASAP to seek an equitable resolution to the issue.