Rates, Calculations, Estimates, On-site Policies.

Recently I was asked "How Do you Do your Rates, Calculations, Estimates? And what about on On-site Policies or Overages?

Well, My Rates are designed with being Affordable and Economic. As such you can find them located here, on the Service Menu page, the Client, providing us with Cleaning Products and Tools to work with.  In this way you get the best of all worlds, the products to clean at the price you consider best as well as having someone else do the work! It also means that I can reduce my Eco-Carbon footprint by taking Transit as well as reducing the costs of a vehicle thus passing those savings onward to you. Be Green. Save money.  What’s not to like with this picture?

The way we calculate our Estimates are based on how quickly we can get things done and then we round up so as to avoid unwelcome surprises as I am very through Cleaner who tries to be as efficient as possible. If I am On-site and I accomplish everything you wanted to your satisfaction, and I ask that you inspect my work prior to sending me on my way with my pay, within the estimated time frame, Great. No harm, no foul and I pro-rate down to the nearest half hour.  If I get to the end of the time and I've accomplished more than half of what was asked the rest is finished on my coin. If i hit the end of the estimated time and haven't finished even half of the work, I pause long enough to ask you on how you'd like to proceed.  In either of the last two scenarios I grant an extra 30 minutes, free, for finishing up any task underway.

For Recurring Sessions, If it happens that one week I spend longer, this gets made up next time when I have that much less to do! For One-off or Single Sessions, I offer prorated Billing and offer PayPal Invoicing for those who Need to pay in forms other than Cash.

My Cleaning Checklist is a Suggestion and and Open Ms Word-friendly Document (.Docx) so that you can customize it to get the things you want done and nothing you'd consider 'redundant' such as washing a floor, sink, stove or oven that's already clean or never gets used. Unless there's a spare 5 - 10 minutes you'd like me to spend doing that of course!

You open your door to me, trusting me with your valuables and the knowledge of what the inside of your home looks like. I will return that trust by being as prompt as Transit allows by booking off carefully calculated Travel Time to and from your place and by not talking about the state or things within your house. Ever.  ... unless you sign my testimonials Board, in which case it's you talking about me and your Home.  To those who have done so, I am ever grateful as it is you who  speak to those who are trying to decide if they should let me into their Homes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you any questions please use the contact form.


Updated April 29,2015