Bed bugs solution

Bed bugs solutions!

Once upon a time we thought Bed bugs were just a bedtime well wishing for rest, however Bed bugs are back, and in force. They can be such a destructive element in your life, keeping you from getting that restful, recuperative sleep you need to staining your fine linens, and making an absolute mess of your skin. Bed bugs can even change your nightly habits, normally when you used to get ready for bed, you just brush your teeth.  Now, with bed bugs, you include searching your bed and linens with a UV flashlight for bed bugs.

Long gone are the days of wearing just sleepwear or even lingerie to bed. Now you are having to wear sleep pants, a sleep shirt, socks, and gloves almost dressing like a bee keeper, trying to prevent the bites from the bed bugs so as to get finally get some sleep.

Bed bugs are asexual insect which means they do not need a partner to be able to reproduce, and they produce between 6 to 8 eggs per day. Which means that if you have had the bed bugs for a month there could be hundreds of eggs laying in waiting to be hatched. And once they hatch they feel the need to feed, on you!

Once fed they hibernate and grow to another stage of their life, there are five life stages for bed bugs, approximately 2 weeks for them to hibernate in between cycles, they need to feed to achieve another stage of life. Also a  bed bug can hibernate for up to a year without food, so storing your belongings even outside in the cold of winter may kill a few of the bed bugs, however the eggs may survive. The only guaranteed way to kill bed bugs is with harsh chemicals which are usually undesirable or illegal, the safe way is Steam!

What can you do now?

You can start by find out where they hang out, look at pillows, on the sides of your bed in natural fibers or in wood crevices so starting your search there is best. Using a UV flashlight can help to find them quicker as they don’t like bright light and Ultraviolet light even hurts them which makes them easier for you to see. Keeping a spray bottle of Isopropyl alcohol, 90%+ rubbing alcohol, close by helps as you can spray them with the Isopropyl alcohol, usually two sprays to stop and kill them. You don’t want to soak your bed,yet if it does happen no worries as it doesn’t take that long to dry. Once you witness their behinds “pop” in the air, you know they are dead. However this is only good for the bed bugs you can see, their eggs are hidden waiting to hatch and the others are in hibernation, this is where our Steamer comes into play!

They attack usually around the “witching hour” which can run from midnight to 5AM when day breaks. Although they will adjust to a different schedule if you work during the night time or evening hours. However some may come out in the daytime too.

Bed bugs solution

Also another way to tell where the bed bugs have been living, is to locate any dark areas or specs on your mattress or box spring, usually around the metal rails. it would look like someone spilled pepper. Also the bed bug almost never returns to the same place, they are mostly a nomadic insect, however, they do tend to lay their eggs near those “black pepper” areas. ( We’ll spare you the details of what this “pepper” like substance really is, you can guess... ) If you don't want to know, then contact us about clean up after an infestation.

Bed bugs solution - Pepper

You can also check for any holes, tears or even manufactured air holes, any opening in your mattress or box frame as this will be an easy target for the bed bug. Seal any tears or holes in your box frame with Gorilla Duct tape. Remember they have nothing to do all day long except find areas to hide and during the night find food, You!

Clean any bags or clothes laying under your bed, Spread diatomaceous earth (D.E.), available at any Hardware type store such as Home Depot/Lowes, around in a thin dusting layer.  It’s messy yet effective, however, it takes 48 hours for them to be killed. Be advised that it can make a mess of fabrics and can be a negative for those with extremely delicate lungs.

A thorough steam cleaning will kill most of the eggs, we can leave some clear insect traps as a finishing touch and to help monitor the situation. We suggest a Cleaning Service with a scheduled follow up Cleaning 14 days apart for a very economical fee depending on how many rooms need to be done.

Bed bugs solutions

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