VMS Indoor – Carpet Cleaning


VMS Indoor – Carpet Cleaning

We understand that cleaning a carpet is a serious matter, high traffic areas can make it look dirty. We arrive with a carpet cleaner, wear shoe covers while at your home and bring your carpets back to life.

We offer two types of carpet cleaning, which is more than our regular vacuuming service. Carpet Deodorizing and Carpet Shampooing.



We offer a 2 hour minimum of carpet cleaning which includes; pre-vaccum, and the deep cleaning of your carpet. We can even assist in some light furniture moving, just to get at the high traffic areas.

Carpet Deodorizing, We bring our deep cleaning vacuum and apply carpet deodorizing powder, then we vacuum and revitalize your carpets. This is the dry option, also takes a minimum of 2 hours.

Carpet Shampooing, is the option for really dirty high traffic areas in your home. We come in with an even bigger vacuum as mentioned, and deep clean your carpets with an carpet shampooer.

VMS Indoor - Carpet Cleaning

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