VMS Move in/Out Detailing


You've just got that new place, and you want to make sure that your new place is clean. Or, you're selling your old place and part of the agreement is to leave your old place clean.

We book one week in advance, this way we can arrange for equipment if needed or gather supplies. So please book today to avoid any disappointment.

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Detailing of   bathroom(s) including toilet, sink, cupboards, floors, tub & tile shower surround, detailing of kitchen sinks, counters, fridge, cupboards.. And of course, floors throughout the apartment or house.
A typical 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom would run $65 per appointment.

Add $30   each additional room or bathroom.

We currently are taking appointments one week, up to 30 days, in advance.  Please contact us if your scheduling needs exceed 30 days in advance.

View the calendar below, Select your date you want. Our Hours are Monday to Friday - 10AM and close at 6PM. All bookings should end at 6PM.

We book one week in advance to ensure proper time allotment and renting any additional equipment. Please advise while booking your time.

You will receive a confirmation email regarding your set appointment times and dates.

VMS Move in/Out Detailing

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