Services offered

Services offered

House Keeping: Floors, vacuum, laundry – folding and ironing, change linens, make bed, clean mirrors, garbage removal, dusting, plant care, ironing, Laundry services include; cleaning by machine or hand as requested, folding and ironing.

Steam cleaning service: any stubborn stains or ground in dirt can be eliminated with our powerful industrial steam cleaner. Have your home sanitized or rid yourself of nasty insects keeping you up at night. Learn More click here.

Personal shopping/ Errands : Appointments, Reception, Filing, Driving/Chauffeur, Menu/Event Planning.  Companion Service. Laundry services include; pick up/drop off. Local Errands such as dry cleaning pick up/drop off, shopping or shopping assistance.

VMS Outdoor Lite Landscaping & Lawn Care maintenance: mowing lawns, removal of organic products, leaf raking. Get your lawn in order for the upcoming Spring/Fall.



The Wills and Wont's ( Short Version )

When We clean your home, only there are a few things we won't be doing:  We class them as either Personal Space, Personal belongings, Personal Items or Tools.

  • NO Personal Space which includes religious alters or private spaces. In Respect of such spaces/places We won't be entering/altering or even looking at it.
  • NO Personal belongings such as intimates aka Undergarments. We'll place for easy access, but we cannot fold and put away. We will load your laundry, we will fold linens, however we won't be folding your intimates.
  • NO Dishes. We will load a dishwasher and clean pots at specific request however, anything hand washable will be left as these are Personal Items.
  • NO Tools; such as garden utensils, mechanics tools, including BBQ's, which we consider of a personal item and are not cleaned by VMS.
  • Nothing OUT of Reach; If it requires a step stool or ladder that we weren't told to bring, we can not clean due to personal injury/liability concerns.

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