Bed Bug clean

Bed Bug clean

You've discovered a bite on your leg or a loved ones leg, those three sided bites. After the bed bug has finished feeding off you, it starts to itch, and won't stop. However try some Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle, it will help.

The fact that Diatomaceous earth is great, however it does take 3 days for them to become a corpse. Diatomaceous earth also is not good for you or your pets to breathe in, and placing around heating registers will only spread it around your home.

That is why, we here at Vancouver Maid Service suggest using Isopropyl Alcohol instead, yes it smells like a  hospital around your home but you and yours will be a lot safer. It takes roughly 3 sprays to immobilize and disable the little *$*#(  bug-gers..

What also works is a bright LED UV Light, they hate UV light. It hurts them, forcing them to move, and works especially well on solid color sheets. The lighter the better!!

What does hurt them?

Heat!  Our 225 degree steam machine kills them dead within 3 seconds. It's either extreme heat or extreme cold that will kill them. Running Clothes & Linens through a Dryer Cycle will kill any missed bugs or eggs.   If this is what you need help with book a time with us today!
Bed Bug clean up








Oh, And even more good news.. Bedbugs are Asexual so they can reproduce by themselves without a partner.

Speaking of partners, my partner would get attacked far more because of their type of blood. In fact they would often buy onesies and wear a light sanding mask and protective goggles. My partner had to start buying colourful onesies as not to scare me at night.  It took me awhile to realize that there wasn't an intruder there..

What you can do right this minute?    Breathe, tell yourself they can, and will be defeated!

If you've sent a email asking us for help with your Bed Bug Clean Up project, we wanted to let you know some things that you can do right this second?

Helpful Hints:

Take bed linens off the affected bed, place in a laundry basket, some have used saran wrap to keep them contained.  Place the bed linens in the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes on high. This way it kills the stubborn ones who like to cling on for dear life. They cannot withstand the heat of the dryer.

While you're out shopping go to a local pharmacy and ask about Isopropyl Alcohol, and get a spray bottle from a dollar store.

Also while your out ask about a LED UV Flashlights, such as the Streamlight 51046 Night Com UV LED Flashlight . [ Amazon link ]  This hurts them too. Will cause them to move, which helps you notice them quickly.

Keep your bed linens a solid colour, the lighter in colour the better, for example, a solid light tan colour bed linen. Or even light blue works too.

Also remember, bed bugs are NOT good climbers so anything like a light olive oil on your bed posts legs, no matter if it's a wood or metal frame, this will help keep them from being able to climb your bed posts late at night during the witching hour.

We have had great success with muffin tins, filled with a little Isopropyl Alcohol, which their bodies cannot withstand. Be careful with the Isopropyl, don't add too much, the muffin tin can be kicked and then the Isopropyl is everywhere destroying floors and paint. Just a few drops is all you need.

Diatomaceous earth does work, it just takes days to work though. We're not too sure about suggesting our clients breathing in crushed siliceous sedimentary rock around their beds either. Which is why we prefer 120 steam! The water residue cleans up with a shop towel. Nothing left behind.

Below are photos of the "Pepper" like substance that you would normally look for bed bugs nests.

Bed Bug Clean Up Cont


Bed Bug Pepper

Bed Bug Pepper

Later plans: Bed Bug Clean Up plans

Or consider getting a bed bag from, Or Amazon.CA, they fit nicely and don't make noise. After we were personally touched by bed bugs we started researching how to control them and eventually eradicate the bed bugs. It can be done!

No matter where you live, no matter what you do for a living, or the size of your home, bed bugs will attack you!

Be careful of where you travel, consider keeping your luggage closed, spray it down with Isopropyl frequently, so you don't get little travelers coming home. With the rise in air travel, this has helped bed bugs to spread and so fast.

Bed Bug clean up after an attack is paramount to getting your life back together.

Bed Bug Clean